"BE THE ONE, ALL FOR ONE. We will do our best to reach our dreams."

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Happy #3YearsWithB1A4♥

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#3YearsWithB1A4 (◕ ▽ ◕。✿)

happy 3rd anniversary to my wonderful sprout daddies ♥

3 years ago, five angels were gathered together with the mission to bring happiness to our lives. Jung Jinyoung, Shin Dongwoo, Lee Junghwan, Cha Sunwoo, Gong Chansik, my angels. I love you guys more than anything.
thanks for making me smile.
thanks for keeping me alive.
thanks for everything.
Happy 3 years

"Though not blood-related, these members feel like brothers to me and… just so many good people around… meeting our agency was a blessing. I’m so happy and most of all, all of you fans, you guys make me incredibly happy… I say this all the time but, I really really love you" - Jung Jinyoung.